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Our Company

For more than 30 years, FDR has operated independently to provide exceptional advice to individual clients. For each client, FDR brings a team of experts, best of breed, who deliver holistic solutions (wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution).

At FDR Financial Group, we define our role as advocates on behalf of individuals, businesses and families who require highly specialized financial and advisory services. Our goal is to help them maximize value and minimize risk.

Proper Alignment

Far too often, an individual’s finances are managed by a myriad of advisors who do not communicate with each other or collaborate towards a common goal and strategy. At FDR Financial Group, our team will organize a client’s assets with our customized portfolio, coordinate and work in partnership with their advisors (but not substituting those individuals), and develop a plan for the present and the future. We constantly monitor this plan to ensure that any changes in the lives of our clients or in the financial market are appropriately accounted for.


FDR Financial Group is independent and fully aligned with its clients. We are not confined or restricted in our thought and creativity, allowing our professionals the freedom and flexibility to provide products and solutions which are truly with our client's interest in mind, not the companies who provide them.