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The FDR Advantage:
Your Dedicated Team

Our clients benefit from the coordinated team approach that makes FDR Financial Group, Inc. unique. Think of our firm as your quarterback, directing and designing the plays for your financial life. In the finance industry it is common for an individual to consult with multiple advisors from various backgrounds in order to make progress towards their goals. At FDR Financial Group, Inc. there is no need to make more than one call for your questions or concerns on any subject from investing and annuities to insurance or estate planning. Our multidisciplinary team of advisors includes Certified Financial Planners, insurance professionals, attorneys, and a Certified Public Accountant who all work together on your behalf. Experience the FDR advantage as we develop customized strategies designed to propel you forward to achieve your goals.

  • Align: Every facet of your financial life should work as a synchronized effort towards your goals.
  • Protect: Safeguard your assets and insulate them from risk.
  • Grow: Seek out potential and nurture your wealth to reach new levels.

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Building a Legacy

Providing an exceptional client experience since 1983, helping people like you build and preserve wealth.

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Design a portfolio and explore options to maximize the growth potential of your wealth with proper risk controls.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Take a look at the whole picture to develop a plan for reaching your goals.

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No slick salesmen here. Fiercely protect your assets with insurance policies and products that meet your needs.

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Corporate Benefits

Corporate Benefits

Attract and retain top talent with the right benefits for you and your employees.

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<p>18 Years&#8217; Worth of Days</p>

18 Years’ Worth of Days

The average retirement lasts for 18 years, with many lasting even longer. Will you fill your post-retirement days with purpose?
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<p>&#8220;Dirty Dozen&#8221; Tax Scams to Watch For</p>

“Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams to Watch For

Every year the IRS releases its list of tax scams, spotlighting some ways that people try to separate you from your money.
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<p>A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List</p>

A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List

Longer, healthier living can put greater stress on retirement assets; the bucket approach may be one answer.
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<p>9 Facts About Retirement</p>

9 Facts About Retirement

Regardless of how you approach retirement, there are some things about it that might surprise you.
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The Authority on Annuities&#160;

The Authority on Annuities 

Annuities may be a powerful investment vehicle when properly incorporated into your financial plan. Are they right for you? How do annuities work? Get expert advice from our annuity specialists.

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